Language and Laughter

When young children are learning language and how to express themselves, you often hear funny flubs. My 2 year old is soaking up new words every day and keeping us entertained. She creates new words and misunderstands things in the cutest way. She is trying to make sense of all this new “stuff”, and the best way is to practice talking with people with whom she feels comfortable. We usually have a good laugh with her and then a brief explanation of why we are laughing. It’s quick and simple…not a lecture. We just use it as a teachable moment. 

Here are some recent examples:

♥ Instead of saying “pizza please” or “I want pizza please”, she says “Pleatzza.” I didn’t think this would stick, but it has…for about a month! And it’s growing on me. It’s a very efficient way for her to convey her point.

♥She discovered a few old photo albums and had lots of questions. One conversation was:

  • Her – “What’s that?” (while pointing to a person)
  • Me – “Who is that?” (my attempt to naturally highlight the correct word/question for her)
  • Her – “I dunno.” (and then moved on to pointing at the next person in the picture without missing a beat!) 

♥ I was eating something at the table when this conversation happened last night. 

  • Me to her – “Do you want any?” 
  • Her – “No thank you.” And she went about her business of playing.
  • I continued to eat (and help my other daughter) until I heard her crying. I asked her what was wrong. 
  • Through tears and sobbing she said, “I want any.”

♥ And one of my favorite things that she says is, “One more last one.”  

I hope these cute little moments brought a smile to your face! Do you have any to share?

🙂 Melissa