Traveling with Tots

It’s that time of year…summer vacation. Since my husband’s family lives in Florida, we almost always go there to visit during the summer. The trip used to take us about 10 hours, and we would do that in 1 day. Not anymore. Now that we have our 2 girls, it’s a 2 day trip that includes a hotel stay to break up the long drive and get the girls out of the car before we all go stir crazy.

Each time we go on long trips like this, I try to think ahead and anticipate what will make the trip easier for all of us. As I was packing for this trip, I had this blog in the back of my mind. I wondered which of their things would emerge as the top toy, book, or gadget from this trip that really helped keep them preoccupied. I will admit that I was surprised by what it was. Are you ready for this? It was….

a clear plastic top to a sippy cup. (I kid you not!)

Here is what happened. Both girls (D and G) were getting antsy, and we were about 30 minutes from our hotel. The 3 of us were all sitting in the backseat at this point so that I could help entertain them. G had been fumbling around with the clear plastic top to her sippy cup when it fell over into D’s lap. D was so excited when she picked it up. It was like candy had fallen from the sky! G thought D’s reaction was funny and laughed. Then D put the top on her nose and created more laughter…which led to me putting the top on my nose…and then G had a turn. Next it was my turn to pick what to do. I put it over my mouth, said, “Mooooooo!”, and passed it to G and then D. More laughter. G was up next. She put it over her mouth and “bbbbrrrrbbbbrrrr” (blew raspberries). Then D and I had our turns, and we all laughed.

This silly little impromptu game was fun, cheap, and gave the girls the chance to practice turn-taking skills. Even as I think about it know, it brings a smile to my face because I can still see those smiling faces and hear those infectious giggles. Our summer vacation is off to a great start!

🙂 Melissa

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