One of those mornings

This morning has thoroughly kicked my fanny 😦

G, my 10 month old, was cranky & overly obsessed with her pacifier. She is also suffering from what her daycare provider calls “lap colic” ever since we returned from vacation & visiting family.

D, my 2 year old, wants pigtails, but she cannot sit still so it takes forever. We also couldn’t find her bookbag for church day camp so I had to find an old one & pack it with extra clothes, snacks & a water bottle (which I couldn’t locate all the parts to).

My husband was helping out, but I didn’t have time to explain why I had to do certain things. It would be so much easier if he could just read my mind.

In the chaos of getting out the door, D’s book bag didn’t make it to the car. She didn’t want to carry it, and my husband thought I had it.

Took G to daycare.
Went back home to get book bag.
Went to the gas station.
Got stuck in traffic.
Long line at the drive thru when trying to get a quick breakfast.
More traffic.
2 minutes late for carpool drop off.
D needs to potty.
Unload D & walk her into the church.
Take D to the potty. She has a mini-meltdown because she is scared of public restrooms.
Take D to her class. She screams, cries, & holds on to me for dear life as I try to leave.
I leave & cry in the car.
It is 9:20.

I’m now trying to regroup with a vanilla latte & some retail therapy at Target. I’ve got to get my groove back before afternoon carpool. Here we go!

🙂 Melissa

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