Bicycle or motorcycle – Does your child know the difference?

Teachable moment: On the way to camp, D pointed and said, “Bicycle.” However, she was pointing at a motorcycle.

I took this opportunity to talk with her about how bicycles and motorcycles are alike

  • they both have two wheels
  • you should wear a helmet when you ride on either of them

and how they are different

  • a motorcycle has a motor, but a bicycle has pedals
  • a motorcycle can go faster than a bicycle
Bicycle vs. Motorcycle

Venn diagram

Next I suggested that we count how many bicycles and motorcycles we see on the way to camp. This was an easy opportunity to make a math connection and keep her engaged (AKA not bored). She was determined to find some! She was so excited when she saw the next object of our search. It was a bicycle. She shouted, “Look! Bicycle!” and labeled it correctly.

When we were almost to our destination, we saw a landscaping truck with lots of equipment on it. She proudly announced, “Motortruck!” We’ll tackle that on a different day.

🙂 Melissa

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