Getting (back) in the Groove

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t had the time (or energy) to write a blog entry since beginning my new job last July. I’ve thought about it many times, but my plate was not just full…it was overflowing! Luckily, I had Spring Break last week, and the school year is winding down.

Looking back over the past several months, here a few of the lessons I’ve learned:

  • Prioritize – Think about what is most important to you and focus on that. Other things might have to take the backseat for a while, and that is OK
  • Give yourself time – Adjusting to change takes time. Try to be patient.
  • Be kind to yourself – Cut yourself some slack and take care of yourself. Go for a long walk, get a massage, take a nap, get a pedicure, etc. I’m usually more productive and more pleasant to be around when I feel good.
  • Learn to say “No” – You can’t do everything for everyone. Help out when you can but don’t stretch yourself too thin.
  • Play with your kids – It is so refreshing to leave all the stress and go play dress-up or help my daughters put together a puzzle. I have actually fallen in love with puzzles because they are a little challenging, but I feel accomplished when they are completed. I wish all my goals were solved as easily 😉

I’m so happy that I finally had the chance to dust off the blog and get it going again. Now I think I will take a nap so that I can keep up with my girls when they wake up.