Breakfast with a Side of Math



My daughters wanted to help make scrambled eggs this morning. To keep them busy while I was getting the eggs, I asked them how many eggs we needed. What math skills did they unknowingly practice?

Word Problems – In school, the word problem might be written something like this. “Four people are going to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast. If each person wants 1 egg, how many eggs do they need in all?” It benefits children to have real life exposure and practice with word problems before they get to school.

One-to-One Correspondence – To emphasize this, I got a little cheesy. Using my best Oprah voice, I pointed to each person one by one and said, “You get an egg! You get an egg! You get an egg! You get an egg! Everybody gets an egg!!!”

How do you sneak in math practice at home?

Melissa 🙂