Language & Laughter – 2nd Edition

Last summer, I shared some of the funny mistakes that my daughter was making as she was adding more words to her vocabulary and expanding her language inLanguage and Laughter“. It still makes me laugh to read that post!

I now feel obliged to share some of her new quotes that have made us laugh. I hope you enjoy them as much as her father and I do!

We were doing FaceTime with my husband when he was out of town. No less than 1 minute into it, Delaney said, “Can we look at something else on that phone?”

Me: (talking to my daughter, Georgia) “You are just a-dorable!”

Delaney: “No…she a-Georgia!”

When we give her a bandaid or medicine, she tells us, “That feels me better.”

Delaney – (while riding through a tree-lined back road) “When are we gonna be outta the tree tunnel?”

I made homemade pizza one night…one of Delaney’s favorite meals. We looked at it while it was cooking, & this happened:
D – “But I DON’T waaanntt to eat pleatzza!”
Me – “Ok. You don’t have to eat pizza.”
D – “But I WAAANNTT to eat pleatzza!”

 I told D to take these books upstairs to her room…she got part of it right.

D with books on stairs

What has your child said lately to make you laugh? Please share. We could all use a good laugh!

Melissa 🙂