Wonderful Waffles


My kiddos love waffles. Here are some of the concepts that we have discussed during breakfast with waffles.

  • Hot or cold? – When my youngest was teething, she would not chew on any of the teething toys that we had. I did some research online and saw a recommendation to use frozen waffles. We tried it, and she loved it! The funny thing is that my oldest is the main one who requests to eat cold frozen waffles.
  • Shapes – Waffles come in many different shapes and sizes. We talk about squares, circles, and diamonds (the mini waffles form a diamond-shaped hole in the middle).
  • Fractions – I like to buy the mini-waffles (as pictured above) because it is an easy way for me to model the concepts of whole and half. When they get a little older, I can also talk about 1/4 and 3/4 and even mixed fractions (“I’d like 2 1/4 waffles”).
  • Prepositions – Ask them where they want the syrup. On the top, underneath the waffle or beside it? I also use sectioned plates so that I can offer to put syrup in the smallest section so that they can dip the waffles in the syrup.
  • Part vs. Whole – To avoid meltdowns, I ask my kiddos if they want their waffle whole or cut into pieces…because you know I will guess wrong and it will be the end of the world 😉
  • Location of familiar items – “Where are the frozen waffles? Should I look in the pantry or the freezer?” When they get this distinction, the next time I will ask, “Should I look in the fridge or the freezer?”

What are some other concepts could I teach with waffles?

Melissa 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Waffles

  1. Sometimes we cut waffles (or other similar foods) into shapes like letters or numbers. You could probably have fun counting waffle sticks too. For older kids you could tally with them. Cookie cutters might allow you to cover an even wider variety of topics! Building off your shapes idea you could probably make a small waffle tangram. Great ideas… teachable moments are everywhere!

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    • I love all of your ideas! We haven’t used cookie cutters too much, but I think I’m about to change that! What have been some of your favorite teachable moments?
      Thanks so much for your comment!


      • Thank you! I think trying to see teachable moments at every turn is a good way to encourage enthusiasm towards learning. Often they don’t even know that they are exercising their brain. I try to always point out words and letters to work on literacy and learn vocabulary, as well as explain the physical or scientific reasons for a phenomena in a way they can understand. This could be anything from what happens to ice when it melts and water when it freezes, working with magnets, what rolls and what doesn’t roll, etc. I always reference the steps of the scientific method as well, it can’t hurt to encourage them to make predictions/hypotheses and test them out! I also count just about anything with my 2 year old son. I also think it is important to get all children into math and science concepts early because often (for some reason) children end up not liking those subjects as much. Ultimately I try to be as excited as I can be about whatever topic so he is hooked and stays interested as well! We can talk teachable moments anytime 🙂

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