Throwback Thursday: “What can you learn from Memory?”

Originally posted – 7/22/14

Tonight, D and I played our first “official” game of Memory. I bought the Disney Classic Characters Matching Game several months ago when I saw it on sale. I got this version because we have been slowly introducing her to some of our favorite Disney movies so I thought this would be very interesting to her. We had a little extra time tonight so D and I went to her room to play while my husband and G had some bonding time.

I told her that we were going to play a new game, and she was SO excited! I had planned to give her a choice between two new games, but she couldn’t contain herself once she saw Mickey Mouse on the Memory Game box (so I just hid the other game for another time). When I tried to open the box, I couldn’t. She asked me what was wrong, and I explained that I needed help opening it. I showed her the tape, and we talked about what we could use to cut the tape on the box. Then we found a pair of clippers with a flip-out file that we used to get in the box (we didn’t want to go downstairs for scissors and risk upsetting G).

Since D is new to this game, we started by only using 4 different pictures (8 cards total). I let her select the pictures that we would use. Here are some of the concepts and skills that came up naturally while we were playing the game:

  • “flip/turn it over”
  • turn-taking practice
  • “only one” (as in “only one at a time”)
  • “I got ___ and ___.”
  • same/different
  • remembering where the cards are once they are flipped over
  • remembering the names of the character and/or the movie they were in
  • “it’s a match”
  • “pair”
  • counting & 1-to-1 correspondence (we counted how many cards we had when starting a new round)
  • counting pairs (when we finished the game to see who won). *This can be very confusing for kids so I put my hand over both of the cards as I count each pair to show them that the matching cards count as 1 pair.
  • making educated guesses (whenever I get to the last 2 cards in a Memory game, I will put my hand over them and say, “Ok. Let’s try to figure out what is on these cards. I have __ and __. What do you have? You have __. So…what is left? What is missing?”) You will probably have to model this many times, but it is great memory practice.
  • good sportsmanship
  • win/lose/tie
  • clean up and put away (teaching her responsibility)
  • vocabulary (there are many different versions available for purchase or you can make your own)

We had time to play 3 rounds tonight. We added a new pair with each game so by the end we had a total of 6 pairs (12 cards total). The last game took a while because it was harder, and she was getting tired. However, we had a lot of fun, and she was able to learn some new things. I have a feeling that we will be playing Memory several times this week. Yay!

What other concepts or skills could you naturally work on when playing Memory with your child?

🙂 Melissa

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