Updated March 31, 2016

My name is Melissa McDonald. I have been married to my husband, Jimmy, for 12 years. We have 2 wonderful daughters – Delaney is 4 years old, and Georgia is 2 years old. We are very excited that in August we will be adding a baby boy into the mix. We also have 2 Boston terriers.

My educational background includes:

  • BS in Early Childhood Education
  • M.Ed. in Communications Sciences & Disorders with a focus in Education for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • LSLS Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist (Cert. AVT for short)
  • I have been involved in education as a teacher, AVT therapist and early interventionist for over 15 years.

I am a firm believer in and advocate for parent education. Parents are the first teachers children have. While some parents are naturally talented and blessed with the ability to just “know” how to communicate and play with their children, there are other parents who need assistance, direct guidance and resources. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers…no one does! However, my education and professional background paired with currently raising my 2 daughters has given me new insights that might be helpful to others. I hope that by sharing this, I can help other parents, teachers, therapists, etc.

🙂 Melissa

Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers. Mahatma Gandhi

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  2. I like the crawling creature off to the right =). Thank you for following my blog Reflections. Sorry I couldn’t get over to welcome you until now. Pleased to meet you.


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