Wonderful Waffles


My kiddos love waffles. Here are some of the concepts that we have discussed during breakfast with waffles.

  • Hot or cold? – When my youngest was teething, she would not chew on any of the teething toys that we had. I did some research online and saw a recommendation to use frozen waffles. We tried it, and she loved it! The funny thing is that my oldest is the main one who requests to eat cold frozen waffles.
  • Shapes – Waffles come in many different shapes and sizes. We talk about squares, circles, and diamonds (the mini waffles form a diamond-shaped hole in the middle).
  • Fractions – I like to buy the mini-waffles (as pictured above) because it is an easy way for me to model the concepts of whole and half. When they get a little older, I can also talk about 1/4 and 3/4 and even mixed fractions (“I’d like 2 1/4 waffles”).
  • Prepositions – Ask them where they want the syrup. On the top, underneath the waffle or beside it? I also use sectioned plates so that I can offer to put syrup in the smallest section so that they can dip the waffles in the syrup.
  • Part vs. Whole – To avoid meltdowns, I ask my kiddos if they want their waffle whole or cut into pieces…because you know I will guess wrong and it will be the end of the world 😉
  • Location of familiar items – “Where are the frozen waffles? Should I look in the pantry or the freezer?” When they get this distinction, the next time I will ask, “Should I look in the fridge or the freezer?”

What are some other concepts could I teach with waffles?

Melissa 🙂